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Andra Zoica is a student at the University of Bucharest, in Romania, majoring in Journalism and Communication Science. Her interests lie within the fields of communication, public discourse, geopolitics, environmental issues and public access to education. She is currently collaborating with the Representational Office of the European Commission in Bucharest, as an intern in the PR office.
She believes that at the core of a functional, flourishing society, there lie well-educated, societally-engaged and factually-informed citizens and that it is the ultimate purpose of a journalist to ensure
that the public has access to the materials needed to set that foundation.

Andra participates in Read Twice – an EU-funded project that targets young people and aims to counter disinformation and fake news by enhancing their skills to critically assess information, identify vicious and harmful media content and distinguish between facts and opinions, thus improving their media competencies.

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