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Eneya Georgieva is an editor at Forbes Bulgaria and a member of the Association of European Journalists. She has been recognized as a finalist in the EU Female Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2021 and is a co-author of the European Youth Work Convention 2020-2023. 

With a Bachelor's degree in International Economic Relations, Eneya's passion lies in understanding global phenomena, such as the spread of disinformation. She believes that we can combat this issue across the world by leveraging the diversity of tools and techniques available to us, including Artificial Intelligence, to create greater awareness and understanding of the topic.

Eneya participates in Read Twice – an EU-funded project that targets young people and aims to counter disinformation and fake news by enhancing their skills to critically assess information, identify vicious and harmful media content and distinguish between facts and opinions, thus improving their media competencies.

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