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Isabela Werneck is a young Brazilian woman who moved to Portugal to study Communication Sciences at the renowned Lusófona University of Porto. During her academic life, she studied at a technical school where she obtained a certificate in business administration.

Isabela believes in the powerful persuasion of media and how it can affect a society that is becoming increasingly alienated and relies on the majority of published news. Therefore, the duty of citizens and future communicators like her is to disseminate real and verified content, combating fake news.

Isabela is finishing her first year at university and intends to pursue a career in journalism. As such, her future profession requires ethics and knowledge of reliable sources.

Isabela participates in Read Twice – an EU-funded project that targets young people and aims to counter disinformation and fake news by enhancing their skills to critically assess information, identify vicious and harmful media content and distinguish between facts and opinions, thus improving their media competencies.

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