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Cluj-Napoca is the best Romanian city in worldwide quality of living survey

The city is an important economic and cultural centre in Romania
  • January 09, 2019 14:30, 1117 impressions
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Visit Cluj

There are 4 Romanian cities in the Quality of Life Index 2019 published by global database Numbeo, and Cluj-Napoca is the best ranked. The Romanian capital Bucharest is on the 168th place, out of 226 entries, being the worst ranked Romanian city. Cluj-Napoca is at number 106, with an overall quality of life index of 155.06, Timisoara – at number 126, with a quality of life index of 144.87, Iasi – 143rd, with an index of 134.81, and Bucharest – 168th, with a quality of life index of 120.77.

The Quality of Life Index takes into account several categories, namely purchasing power, safety, healthcare, cost of living, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time, pollution, and climate.

Cluj-Napoca is the capital of the historical region of Transylvania. The city is the largest in the Nord-Vest development region, which is equivalent to NUTS-II regions in the European Union. The population is above 412,000 inhabitants, besides Cluj-Napoca, it includes 17 communes. Cluj-Napoca is an important economic centre in Romania. 

Source: Romania-Insider