Milan Bandić

Milan Bandić was born in Grude, modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1955.

In 1974, he moved to Zagreb to study at the Department of Political Sciences at Zagreb University. His political career began at the municipal committee of Pešćenica, one of the municipalities in Zagreb. In 2000, he was elected mayor of the capital.

His Zagreb Development Program is called "Vision of Zagreb for the 21st century". One of the key points in it is the improvement of environmental policies, including water treatment, separate waste collection and the creation of processing points. Infrastructure is also at the heart of the mayoral program and it is focused on improving railway services, airport reconstruction and gradual renovation of the urban road network.

Culture, sports and education are subjects of various projects aimed at improving and renewing the identity of the city. This includes the reconstruction of Zagreb Medvednica's historic part and the renovation of the green areas around the Sava River area.

Milan Bandić suffered a heart attack and passed away on 28 February 2021.