Sophie Hæstorp Andersen

Copenhagen, also known as the city with the Big Bridges, is one of Europe's most fascinating and diverse capitals. Copenhagen is rich in history and is known for being the seat of  kings who dominated the Scandinavian peninsula in times past and built the Danish state.  Dating back to the middle ages ,more specifically the 11th century, the city expanded its reach, influence and riches over the years. One of its most significant expansions came under the rule of Charles IV of Denmark, who turned the settlement into the most important harbour and fortification of the country. Throughout history and following a lot of development, the city has become a cozy, clean and attractive place boasting one of the highest standards of living in Europe.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has a population of over 760,000 people, and over 2 million people live in the entire metropolitan area. The city is divided into 10 districts, which are themselves split into smaller neighborhoods.


The city is the economic, financial, political and cultural center of the country. The city's economy is constantly developing thanks to the rapidly growing service sector, focusing on information technology, pharmaceuticals and green energy. Copenhagen maintains high positions in all best-cities-to-live-in charts. A stable economy, good education and social stability and security make the Danish capital one of the most expensive and attractive places to live.



Every year, the city hosts a variety of cultural events, increases its open spaces, and city infrastructure is planned for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists. This makes the capital a very popular tourist destination. Among the most popular tourist attractions are Tivoli Park, which in 2016 was visited by more than 4.6 million tourists, Freetown Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous town existing since 1971, the Little Mermaid statue, the Renaissance Rosenborg castle, which in 1606 was built to be a summer residence. The city has a harbor, many museums and galleries as well as a zoo.