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Drones to help survey movement of people in Cluj during restrictions period

They will check if residents comply with the imposed restrictions meant to contain the spread of the Covid-19

  • April 12, 2020 15:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Flying drones will survey the metropolitan area of Cluj, in western Romania, to track movements and to check whether residents comply with the imposed restrictions meant to contain the spread of COVID-19. Cluj will use drones to battle the coronavirus by using them as a tool for reminding people of the restrictions on movements currently in place.

In the project will be involved policemen, gendarmes, local police offers, personnel of the Defense Ministry, and also civilians, informed Instituția Prefectului Cluj (Cluj Prefecture). The aim of the authorities is to see if residents follow the movement restriction, quarantine, and home isolation rules.

Cluj Prefectur has informed, that all photos and video recordings that are being taken, will not be published. The materials will be stored, taking into account measures for ensuring the protection of personal data.

The local authorities also plan to gather data on crowding in various Cluj-Napoca areas. Such places are parks, leisure areas, food markets and parking lots.

Drones will communicate informative audio messages

At the same time, several appropriately-sized teams are tasked with maintaining public order. Through the support of the same system, the authorities plan to communicate informative audio messages, currently being broadcast by Police vehicles.

A number of other European cities have already taken similar restrictive measures. Drones are an effective way of dealing more quickly with uncompliant citizens and are thus contributing to stopping the spread of coronavirus.

As drones are becoming cheaper and easier to use, they have also become a very popular tool for law enforcement and firefighters. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, this innovative method is intended to help authorities gather data, as to whether or not, people are following the restrictions.

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