Giorgos Anastasiou

Mayor of Thebes is Giorgos Anastasiou. He was born in Thebes in 1971. There he completed his undergraduate studies after graduating from the 2nd General Thebes High School in 1988. Then he studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the Faculty of Law, graduating in 1993. Married with one son.

Anastasiou was elected Regional Adviser to Central Greece in May 2014 and served as Vice-Regional Minister for...


Spyridon Nikolaou

Mayor of Thebes is Spyridon Nikolaou. He was born in 1950 in Arma of Viotia. In 1968 he completed his high school studies in Thebes and begins to study in the Department of Business Administration at the Piraeus University of Economics. In 1969 he was admitted to the Military School of Evelpidon and in 1973 he become was vowed Lieutenant-Lieutenant of the Artillery. During the 37 years in the Army, he occupited all the positions, depending on his grade, ending all the schools of...