Attila Kiss

In the old Hungarian language, the name of the city (Böszörmény) probably referred to a Turkish speaking Muslim ethnical group, which conducted an important commercial and economic activity in the Árpád age. This community was destroyed during the Mongol invasion, but the settlement known as Nagyböszörmény became an important commercial centre by 1248.

In 1410 King Sigismund raised the settlement to the rank of a market town. In 1605 the Transylvanian Prince Bocskai provided lands and noble titles to 9254 hajduk mercenaries with his Letter of Privilege, which is the Magna Charta of the Hajdúság. At this time Böszörmény was not included among the places which were given to the hajduks, but Kálló was.

For many years the hajduks had been in conflict with the imperial guard of the castle, which caused Gábor Báthory to resettle and grant privileges to hajduks on his properties of Böszörmény with the Letter of Exchange, dated 13 September 1609.

From the middle of the 17th century Böszörmény began to develop significantly and in 1669 when the Hajdú District came into existence, it became its seat until 1876, when a new county was established. It can be safely said that Hajdúböszörmény counts with a rich past in addition to a vivid present.

Hajdúböszörmény, with its extensive outskirts, is located in the eastern part of Hungary only 19 kilometres from Debrecen. With a population of 32 000 people, it is the second biggest settlement of Hajdú-Bihar County. The administrative area of the town is more than 37 000 hectares.

Today Hajdúböszörmény is a city of industry, agriculture and services. Agricultural conditions are extraordinarily advantageous. The value of the soil and arable lands is high above the county average.



Hajdúböszörmény welcomes visitors to events throughout the year. The Hajdú Week, the Jazz-Blues Jamboree, the International Art Colony of the Hajdúság all offer high-quality entertainment and leisure to families and young people.

One of the most important tourist sites is the Bocskai Thermal Spa. Swimming pools, thermal pools, a medical centre and thermal camping are awaiting guests and visitors there.