Rafał Trzaskowski

Rafał Trzaskowski is the current Mayor (President) of Warsaw. He was born on the 17th of January 1972 in Warsaw.

He has a Master’s degree from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism and Political Science in International Economics and Political Relations and a Master’s degree from the European College in European Studies. Later he received a PhD in Humanities in the field of political sciences from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences from the University of Warsaw.

Political career

Trzaskowski was a member of the Polish Parliament in the lower house (Sejm) from the Civic Platform “PO” in the 8th term and a Deputy Chair of the European Union Committee. He is a former Vice-President of the European People’s Party (EPP), former Member of the European Parliament (2009-2013) and member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO). Trzaskowski is also a member of the European Committee of the Regions since 25.11.2019.

Trzaskowski gained important national political experience as a Minister of Administration and Digitization (2013-2014) as well as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2014-2015). Rafał Trzaskowski was sworn in as Mayor of Warsaw at the 1st session of Warsaw City Council for the 2018 - 2023 term, after obtaining 56.6% of the popular vote in the elections held on 21st of October.

In 2020 he was chosen to run as the Civic Platform's candidate for President of Poland. He made it to the second round but lost to incumbent president Andrzej Duda with a narrow margin.

Trzaskowski is also an analyst and university lecturer. Married with two children.