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The Brussels Heat Wave Plan is on

It is activated each year once the temperatures rise to help people suffering from isolation

  • June 12, 2019 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: TheMayor.EU

As the summer heat is already looming on the horizon, the time has come to consider some important aspects of the changing weather conditions. The excessively high temperatures can become unbearable for those in a vulnerable position. With this in mind, the City of Brussels set up a plan for the summer fifteen years ago in order to help people who suffer from isolation or who are in a precarious situation. Thus, the Heat Wave Plan has been working each year since 2005 and is operated by CPAS of the City (Public Centre for Social Action) with the support of the municipality and the police.

The plan is activated as soon as the temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius. Once this condition is met, the teams of the neighbourhood centres start a regular process of getting in touch with the registered participants, in order to check whether they are doing fine and what conditions they live in. Whenever necessary, they will distribute jars and flasks of water.

Old, unemployed, disabled persons or those who feel isolated or who suffer from any form of discrimination can register by calling 0800 35 550 free of charge during office hours. Hearing impaired persons or persons who cannot express themselves can fax to 02 218 32 48 or e-mail to info@lmdq.be.

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