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The Italian village of San Giovanni offers free holiday homes

Find out how and where to make your reservation for summer 2020

  • June 26, 2020 09:34
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium san giovanni
Source: Facebook/Amici del Morrutto - Associazione Culturale

During this difficult period for everyone in the world, many people hope to be able to spend a relaxing holiday in the place of their dreams - and at affordable costs, if possible. To turn this fantasy into reality - namely into a summer 2020 getaway, the Italian Region of Molise is here to help with the "Give yourself Molise" initiative already having achieved unexpected international success.

The "Amici del Morrutto" association, together with the Municipality, has decided to offer free holiday homes to tourists wishing to stay in the municipality of San Giovanni in Galdo, in the province of Campobasso. It is located just 2 hours from Rome and 40 minutes from both the Adriatic coast and the Apennine mountains.

As a consequence, hundreds of requests came in in just a single day. Citizens of France, Ireland, Poland and, of course, Italy contacted the association to make a reservation.

40 free vacations of one week each

The initiative was presented with a press conference in the ancient village of San Giovanni by the president of the Amici del Morrutto association, Stefano Trotta, and the town's mayor, Domenico Credico. They announced that the project will give out 40 free week-long stays, between July and September, in different houses around the municipality, graciously made available by their inhabitants.

The aim of the initiative is to revive the small villages of Molise, that is both beautiful yet often unknown, by making it shine on many tourists' maps. The hope is also to start a pilot project that will lead to the creation of a real hospitality network at no cost throughout Moliseover time, making use of the fact that many houses in the village have been uninhabited for years.

There are a few conditions to the whole deal, however, namely that to join you must not be a resident of Molise and to not even have relatives or houses in the region. On the morrutto.com website, you can fill in and send the necessary form to make a booking request.

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