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A secondary school in Denmark lets kids grow and cook their own food

Having a special focus on food and movement, the aim of this school is to help children live healthier lives

  • samedi 09 février 2019 10h00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: e-architect.co.uk

Between Islands Brygge, the Port of Copenhagen and Amager Commons, New Islands Brygge School will be built, as a school where pupils grow and cook their own food. It is expected to be completed by May 2020, in time for the following school year, giving school employees and children time to transfer over. The school building will accommodate a total of 784 pupils covering around 10 000 square metres, with outdoor areas of 4000 square metres.

The school will be built entirely from sustainable materials and its compact form, effective climate screen and efficient duplicate use of functions will ensure low energy consumption on space heating. There will be solar panels in the rooftop gardens to provide an energy source for the school. The school will have an urban farm on the roof where students will grow vegetables in greenhouses and then use what they grow in cookery classes.

Since food is a key element of the school's identity, the dining hall will be the central room hall and a gathering point for student activities. Movement is another focus area for the school. This makes it important that the school’s architecture encourages physical activity and play. The top part of the roof is the sports area, with ample opportunity for physical activity on the running track, in the parkour area, or in the enclosed ball pitch.

Source: e-architect.co.uk

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