Bicherbus: the mobile library of Luxembourg

Bicherbus: the mobile library of Luxembourg

Why go to the library if the library can come to you?

The National library of Luxembourg offers an effective mobile services to its subscribers, namely – a mobile library. The Bicherbus, as it is called, crosses all the country with 16 weekly tours and serves around 100 municipalities. Launched 30 years ago by the administration of the Ministry of Culture, since 2010 Bicherbus is officially a service provided by the National library.

Not only is the mobile library’s fund integrated with the one of the National library, but readers are allowed to browse its online catalogue and to reserve a specific book in advance to be delivered to their town.

So, how does it work? New readers can subscribe for free with their ID cards at the Bicherbus for a period of two years. Once their card is issued, they can borrow a book  and bring it back home. This service is reserved for residents of Luxembourg or in neighbouring regions. The whole process is very easy – simply check the schedule of the bus online and its nearest stop and pick a book from one of over 66,000 items on the list, five days before it arrives. Alternatively, if you are not sure what you want to read next, simply look out for something interesting among the 4300 titles carried regularly on the Bicherbus. The items can be returned within 42 days renewable once. Each user is allowed up to 15 books, 4 audio records or DVDs.

Learn more from the Library’s website.