Both sides of the Danube at Linz will soon boast cycling paths

Both sides of the Danube at Linz will soon boast cycling paths

The expansion of cycling infrastructure is a key priority for local authorities in the Austrian city

After the construction of a new cycle path on the north bank of the Danube to Puchenau, the south bank is now also slated to receive a cycle path connection. This expansion is part of Linz’s overall push to make cycling a more viable and attractive mobility alternative and is a key piece of its strategy for combating climate change and keeping the city clean, healthy and active.

Making the city more beautiful and active

As part of construction works of the A26 / Westring, a new cycling path will we built on the Danube’s southern bank. In the area of ​​the tunnel portals of the A26, a roadway widening was built on the B127 Eferdinger Bundesstraße due to the ongoing construction efforts. With the finalization of the 4th Danube bridge, this is to be converted into a pedestrian and cycle path.

The detailed planning has now been commissioned by Linz's Infrastructure Officer, Vice Mayor Markus Hein. Accordingly, the planning for the section Linz to St. Margarethen (connecting tower) is being carried out on the basis of the submission project for the Wilhering walking and cycling path. Under the leadership of the state of Upper Austria, the city of Linz is contributing 50 per cent of the planning costs of 8,500 euros as agreed.

“The cycling infrastructure in Linz is constantly being improved and expanded in various places. If even a motorway project is indirectly helping to close a gap in cycle lanes in our hometown, that is particularly gratifying. This will put another stone in the Linz mosaic of environmentally friendly means of transport,” stated Linz’s Vice Mayor Hein.

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