Bucharest lays out priorities for 2021

Bucharest lays out priorities for 2021

Recovery from the financial crisis, distribution of European funds and the realization of large investment projects are among the main goals of the city

In his first statement of 2021, the mayor of Bucharest Nicusor Dan, laid out the priorities for his government for the next 12 months. He addressed the most immediate concerns including recovery from the financial crisis, handling the healthcare issues that have sprung up over the last year, the vaccination campaign and the creation of ample conditions for the realization of large infrastructure projects.

Thinking about the future

The first order of business for the local government will be the discussions for this years’ budget. The Mayor General announced that next week he will have discussions with the mayors of the sector in order to clearly establish the responsibilities of each one regarding the investments. Furthermore, the mayor explained that the capital’s debts have mounted at an alarming rate and immediate government assistance could be required as early as August of 2021.

The mayor of the capital also estimated that around February 1, when the national budget is expected to be finalized, his own office will put its own budget to public debate.

Talking about the mismanagement of the past years, Nicusor Dan stated that "Municipal companies were a disaster for the Capital City Hall. I will give you just a few examples: green spaces: in 2016, when we had no municipal companies, we paid 70 million, and in 2019 we paid 100 million. Cemeteries - 27 million were paid before, and then 32 million Disinsection, rodent control, disinfection: costs increased from 7 million to 13 million, plus there are companies, such as the Real Estate Company or Parking, that were to bring more money and they brought almost nothing.

I reaffirm both my will and the majority of the General Council the will to dissolve these municipal companies!”

Finally, in terms of ushering in new additional European funds, Dan brought attention to the local government’s efforts in bolstering public transportation. "In the next period, we will sign the contract with Astra Arad, financed from European funds, through which 100 new trams will be delivered. The modernization of STB's fleet is a priority which we have in mind not only through the purchase of trams but also through the resumption of the tender for electric buses (missed in the previous term)".

Bucharest’s mayor was also eager to send out a message of hope that is meant to bolster the spirits of the people of Romania’s capital. "In my first message in 2021, I want to reaffirm that this city has a huge potential! I want to assure the people of Bucharest that in 5-6 years Bucharest will be a regional, economic, academic and cultural centre. Beyond the problems we currently face, I want to give this message of hope: Bucharest will become a city we will all be proud of and, from now on, the Capital City Hall is the partner of all huge opportunities!”

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