Canine park with sections for small and large dogs is under construction in Coimbra

Canine park with sections for small and large dogs is under construction in Coimbra

The project was the big winner in the city’s participatory budget edition of 2019

There is a dog park under construction in Coimbra and it was the residents who overwhelmingly wanted it. It was the project proposal that got the most votes (1000) out of 46 others that were submitted for selection as part of the second edition of the city’s participatory budget back in 2019.

The initial funding set aside for it was 50 000 euros, but the city council decided to up the sum to 120 000 in order to upgrade the idea and add some pedestrian footpaths, benches and lighting, on the external perimeter. The new dog park will be located between Avenida Elísio de Moura and Rua Monsenhor Alves Brás in what used to be an empty terrain, and as the municipal website reported there are a lot of things the four-legged furry pets and their owners can look forward to.

A true space to meet a dog’s leisure and active recreation needs

As mentioned above, the overall space will also be designed in a way so as not to exclude pedestrians without dogs, as these people will be able to walk and sit along pathways that will be separate from the actual canine area perimeter.

Still, the heart of the green area will be the 1200m2-dog park which will be fenced off and divided into two sections: one for large dogs (800m2) and another for smaller ones (400m2). This segregation is considered necessary and beneficial and safer for the smaller animals.

Shading will be provided by trees and special care has been taken to also ensure their safety. Since excessive amounts of dog urine and digging can be harmful to their roots, the plants’ bases will be equipped with 3X3m wooden fences. Pet owners will be able to sit on concrete benches and under a wooden pergola.

As for the dogs, they will have plenty to keep them busy. It was announced that there will be drinking fountains for them, as well as a jumping barrier with three different heights, a gymkhana track with nine posts, a hoop for jumping and a canine tunnel.

Likewise, there will be bag dispensers, waste containers and an information board with the rules to observe.

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