Central cinema in Ljubljana launches a movie playground

Central cinema in Ljubljana launches a movie playground

Like many other cultural establishments, Kinodvor was forced to close doors due to the deteriorating healthcare situation in Slovenia

Although the central cinema of Ljubljana was forced to stop screenings a couple of weeks ago, it still managed to create the perfect conditions to keep the love for the movies alive among local children. As Kinodvor announced earlier this week, they have given the start to a special initiative named  Kino igrišče (Cinema playground), which gives the youngest the chance to explore the world of cinema and films and get creative while staying at home.

Spending quality time at home

The Cinema playground is a space for experimentation and play involving film stories and tricks. With the help of playful activities, the Kinodvor Cinema encourages children and young people to watch movies more carefully and use their free time more creatively. For instance, children can make their own cinema, short animation film or a simple optical toy at home.

A first set of information materials teaches children how to create their own movie theatre with the tools they have at hand: the prerequisites include simple items like an old shoebox, scissors, cardboard, glue and paint. As for the creation process, it is challenging but perfectly feasible.

A second activity teaches children the art of synchronised movie dubbing. For example, they can enter the role of Elephant Sebastjan and the cat Miša from The Incredible Story of a Giant Pear, a Danish animation film. The kids understand very fast that it is not just about repeating words, but that they also need to find the perfect moment, intonation and pitch, in order to convey the proper message.

Then, a third game takes children on a forest expedition with the four friends from Owls & Mice (a Dutch movie). On this adventure, they discover the way the food chain works, explore the beauties of the forest world, but also the rules to follow when in nature.

All films available on Cinema playground have already been screened and are in most cases available on DVDs. The content is divided into different age groups and film genres for easier search, so it is suitable for a large number of children.

Finally, there is even more good news for the youngsters of Slovenia, but also for all animation enthusiasts. What is now considered as a traditional movie event for Ljubljana – the Animateka International Film Festival – will go online for its 17th edition.

The festival will be on display on a special platform between 30 November and 9 December 2020 and more details on the programme are yet to be announced on



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