Croatia’s efforts to ensure a successful tourist season pay off

Croatia’s efforts to ensure a successful tourist season pay off

The country recorded 3.7 million arrivals and 25 million overnight stays last month

Since the beginning of this year, the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sports has been working relentlessly to ensure a successful tourist season. More specifically, it has launched countless initiatives, projects, and campaigns to promote Croatia as a safe destination for both foreign and domestic tourists.

In May 2021, the Ministry revealed their expectations for the tourist season, sharing that they hope it will be more profitable than in 2020. Nevertheless, Director of the Croatian Tourism Association Veljko Ostojic also disclosed that despite the optimistic expectations, the tourist season would be far less successful than in 2019.

Exceptional results in July 2021

Now, it appears that the Mediterranean country is exceeding its initial expectations as its eVisitor system recorded 3.7 million arrivals and 25 million overnight stays in July 2021. This data reveals a 47% rise in the number of arrivals and a 33% increase in overnight stays, compared to the same period in 2020.

According to a press release by the Ministry, the most overnight stays in July were realised by tourists from Germany (4.4 million), Slovenia (3.7 million), Poland (2.4 million), Czechia (2 million) and Austria (1.9 million).

Although Ostojic previously stated that the tourist season would certainly be less profitable than in 2019, the current data may suggest otherwise. That is, the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac commented on July’s results, noting:

“In the last week of July, we achieved results that are 90 percent of those we had in the record July 2019. In July this year, we are achieving even better results from some markets, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, than in July 2019.”

Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić praised the tourism sector for their efforts, noting that this year’s exceptional results are due to their outstanding preparation ahead of the season. In addition to this, Staničić further highlighted that the country’s efforts to become the safest destination in the Mediterranean have also massively contributed to the successful tourist season.

On the whole, Croatia has recorded 6.3 million arrivals and 36.9 million overnight stays in the first seven months of 2021. Comparing these numbers to those in 2020, one can see a 51% and 39% growth in arrivals and overnight stays, respectively.



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