Crossing between regions in Italy is prohibited until 27 March

Crossing between regions in Italy is prohibited until 27 March

Within regions, travel restrictions depend on the emergency colour code

Yesterday, 23 February, the Council of Ministers of the new Italian government passed a law-decree which extended the travel restrictions applicable in the country until 27 March. The previous decree was set to expire this Thursday so a revision was necessary and given the continuing high rates and slow progress of vaccinations it was deemed best to limit unnecessary domestic travel as much as possible.

This follows the closure of ski resorts in Italy

Prime-Minister Mario Draghi, upon the recommendations of Health Minister Roberto Speranza proposed the continuation of the containment measures that had existed until now. The previous extension was imposed two weeks ago by the outgoing Conte Government.

That means that there is still a ban on crossing the borders between Regions and Autonomous Provinces unless such action is essential and motivated by work, health reasons or returning to one’s place of usual residence. That means that all other trips are considered non-essential and thus fall outside of the legal boundaries.

As for travel internal to the regions, that would depend on what colour code the region’s status had been set at.

The toughest limitations apply to red areas where travelling outside of one’s municipality of residence will be prohibited, once again with the exception of essential and emergency movements.

Residents of orange areas will also be confined to their municipalities between the hours of 22:00 and 5:00 but they can visit other households. For orange code municipalities, travel outside of their limits is possible if the local population does not exceed 5000 inhabitants and as long as they are within 30 kilometres from regional borders.

Yellow areas are only restricted to travelling within their respective Region. As for visiting other homes, this is possible, but the limit is two adult people plus any children under the age of 14 over whom their exercise responsibility.

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