Deva Municipality commences work on new General Urban Plan

Deva Municipality commences work on new General Urban Plan

It is expected to be completed in 2021

On 17 June 2020, the mayor of the Romanian municipality of Deva, Florin Oancea signed an order to start work on the creation of anew General Urban Plan of the Municipality (GUP). On 24 June the mayor Oancea then held a working meeting with architects to discuss the status of the updated GUP.

Alongside the mayor, the meeting was attended by the Chief Architect of Deva - Mihai Ionescu, the Head of the Monitoring and Urban Control Service within the City Hall - Mihai Fântână, and Cătălin Hancheș - Project Manager of SC Iceberg Timișoara who won the tender for the new GUP.

Photo of the meeting. Credits: Deva Municipality

Together, they found common ground regarding some of the elements of the design theme for the GUP of Deva Municipality, identifying two priority regions - namely the Archia-Macon area and the Hărăului-Valea Mureșului street area.

Work at a preliminary stage

The General Urban Plan of Deva Municipality has not been updated since 1999. So far it had only continuously been extended.

Now, the work in its first stage, featuring the submitting of documents, substantiation studies, analyses and field visits. This first stage is expected to be completed at the end of this year.

Deva is the capital of Hunedoara County, a city with a population of 69,924 inhabitants. The municipality of Deva is in continuous development. This implicitly requires the updating of the GUP depending on the evolution of social, geographical, economic, cultural factors and the needs of the local community.

The GUP and the local urban regulations mandate the laws on local land use, construction and use of buildings throughout the Municipality of Deva and component localities. The representatives of the company working on the project to update the General Urban Plan of Deva Municipality assured that it will be completed during 2021.



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