Discover all of Helsinki’s sports opportunities with the city’s new telephone service

Discover all of Helsinki’s sports opportunities with the city’s new telephone service

Launched by the local government, the service will allow everyone to get additional information on different kinds of sports and activities in the city

At the beginning of the year, on 11 January, Helsinki Sports Services opened a new telephone service, Liikuntaluuri, which provides citizens with information and support as well as encouragement regarding mobility opportunities. The service is intended for all city dwellers who can use the telephone service to get the help of a sports expert with questions related to mobility.

Bringing sports to everyone

With the sports handset, city dwellers can better find out about sports services and also set off on their own. Whether it’s questions related to guided exercise, challenges related to starting to exercise and finding a suitable form of exercise, exercise recommendations, or questions about the city’s indoor and outdoor exercise opportunities, Sports Exhibition offers the opportunity to talk to an exercise expert and get tips on increasing exercise in everyday life.

The new and free Sports Handset will improve existing sports advice, customer guidance and service production. The service also aims to lower the threshold for applying for our own sports services. In such exceptional times, the ways of moving that have been found to be good and private may not always be possible, so with the help of Liikuntaluuri, we also want to help city dwellers find new, suitable ways to move as easily as possible,” says Tuuli Salospohja, the city's sports services manager.

The sports handset is available by phone on 09 310 32623 on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00. With these prospects, Liikuntaluuri's service hours will change from 1 February 2021, when Liikuntaluuri will be open on weekdays Mon-Thu from 13.00 to 15.30.

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