European Commission ensures better drinking water in Romania through major investment

European Commission ensures better drinking water in Romania through major investment

Some 222 million euros will be provided by the Commission under its Cohesion Policy

A major investment has been approved by the European Commission for upgrades and improvements to Romania’s water and sewage infrastructure in Ilfov County. The funding will be provided under the European Union’s Cohesion Fund and will be crucial in providing the country’s citizens with better, safer and healthier drinking water.

Investing in a healthier future for all

The funding that was approved by the European Commission amounts to some 222 million euros. The funds will go towards the establishment and upgrades to drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in Romania’s Ilfov County, connecting more of its citizens to the centralized sewage network and ensuring overall better quality of life with fewer sewage leaks.

The expected result of the investment is to provide some 234,000 people will drinking water that meets the highest EU health standards.

Commenting on the allocation of funding, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira said: “This investment shows the EU’s commitment to increase the living standards of Europeans. While our priority is tackling the effects of the pandemic, we are pursuing Cohesion Policy’s mission to reduce disparities between regions so that no one is left behind.”

Thanks to this project, the rate of connection to water supply in the area will increase from 57.1% to 99.6% upon its completion. Furthermore, sewage will be extended to 100% of citizens – a sharp increase compared to the current 43.29% who boast such a link.

Finally, the project itself will have tangible economic and environmental benefits. The water loss will be substantially reduced, biodiversity will be protected and hundreds of temporary new jobs will be created, which is especially important during the time of economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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