Furesø wants to facilitate the switch to sustainable mobility

Furesø wants to facilitate the switch to sustainable mobility

It will hold “Furesø will be electric” on 3 November

Last year, the City Council of Furesø Municipality adopted the Charging Stand Strategy to promote electric mobility. At the time, there were only 183 electric vehicles on the streets of the Danish municipality.

By January 2021, Statistics Denmark calculated that this number had increased significantly to 352 out of a total of 17,512 cars. In other words, the City Council’s strategy proved effective in promoting sustainable mobility.

While this achievement was undoubtedly impressive, Furesø Municipality noted that it was not enough. Expanding on this, the city revealed that it aims to have between 6,500 and 8,400 electric or hybrid vehicles by 2030.

Furesø will be electric

To achieve this ambitious goal, the municipality will now host an event promoting electric cars and bicycles; more specifically, it will hold “Furesø will be electric” on 3 November from 18:00 to 19:30 at the Theatre Hall in Farum Kulturhus.

This upcoming event will feature suppliers of charging stations and electric vehicles who will inform citizens and companies about the advantages of sustainable mobility. According to the Danish municipality, many individuals have not yet opted for electric or hybrid vehicles as they do not have access to the information they need. For this reason, the upcoming event seeks to answer the questions of all citizens and companies to facilitate the switch to sustainable cars.

It is important to highlight that Furesø Municipality is not only promoting the use of green vehicles but also of electric bicycles. In September 2020, Furesø reportedly recorded the highest-ever number of cyclists on the municipality’s bicycle lanes. Therefore, with cycling on the rise, Furesø hopes that citizens may soon turn to electric bicycles and replace their cars altogether.

Chair of the Committee for Nature, Environment and Green Transformation Lene Munch-Petersen commented on the link between the rise in cycling and the COVID pandemic, noting:

“People have certainly felt a huge need to get out and move; the country was open for a short time before it closed again. But it just shows how great the potential for cycling and electric cycling for medium and long distances is. I, therefore, hope that many people will make their way to “Furesø will be electric” to gain inspiration and knowledge about the possibilities of making their mobility electric.”

Those interested in the November event can view the programme and register via the municipality’s website.



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