Galicia considers panoramic points to be as important as the actual views

Galicia considers panoramic points to be as important as the actual views

The regional government presented a guidebook to municipalities on how to improve these particular features

Most of us appreciate a scenic view and the Region of Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, has plenty of those to offer. The Galician Government, however, has decided to pay closer attention to the actual spots from where one enjoys said views – the lookout points. In that respect, the regional Environment Minister Ángeles Vázquez, presented a new guidebook on 30 August, in Ribeira.

The guidebook will help landscape architects and municipal authorities to design and/or renovate the viewpoints on their territories in a way that makes them integrate with the surrounding landscape. To the regional authorities, the viewpoint is not just an infrastructural object but an attraction on its own merit.

The book was presented at the Pedra da Ra viewpoint, to underscore the message

The authors of the guide analyzed 144 of the 472 viewpoints inventoried throughout Galicia for months, selected for their high strategic and panoramic value.

From this study, 10 more retail files were prepared in which as many other viewpoints were taken as an example - among them, Pedra da Ra - both for its landscape values ​​and for the quality of the interventions carried out in order to condition them.

The Environment Minister highlighted the beauty of Pedra da Ra viewpoint, which served as the setting for the book presentation. It was praised, “thanks to the latest intervention designed by the architect Carlos Seoane, as an example of landscape integration and how human action can give existing viewpoints a new utility, but always respecting their environment".

The lookout point had one aspect until 2016 when it was redesigned by the architect, mentioned by the minister.

For his part, the mayor of Ribeira, Manuel Ruiz, stressed that the viewpoints "are not only enclaves from which to appreciate a spectacular landscape, but they are usually, in themselves, wonderful places."

He concluded: "I hope this guide serves to maintain that respect that each and every one of the emblematic places in Galicia must have”.



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