Italy’s internal Covid Green Pass embedded in daily life

Italy’s internal Covid Green Pass embedded in daily life

Starting from today, it is obligatory for public indoor venues and from 1 September it will be so for public transport, as well

Today, 6 August, is when Italy’s Green Pass, an extension to EU’s digital Covid certificate, becomes obligatory when entering restaurants, cinemas, museums and indoor sports venues. The measure was first announced by the Italian Government on 22 July giving some time for residents to adjust to the idea.

One could say that it comes at a good moment, too, since for the past four weeks the incidence of coronavirus infections has been on the rise in the country, sparking fears of an upcoming fourth wave. The government announcement, however, also sparked protests at the end of July.

The internalizing of the Covid passport is meant to prevent the need for new lockdowns

What is more, the Italian cabinet also decided yesterday to make the health pass compulsory in two more areas of public life, considered critical hubs for the spread of airborne infections: public transport and educational institutions. The green pass, however, will become obligatory in these sectors from 1 September.

At the start of the school year teachers, professors and students in the country must either be vaccinated, show negative test results, or proof of having recovered from COVID-19, in order to attend the educational institution.

If teachers do not provide proof for five consecutive days, they will be suspended without pay, the government decided.

From September onwards, the Green Pass, which certifies the various types of health evidence required, will be also used for long-distance train and bus trips, on ferries and on domestic flights.

The Italian health pass requirement applies to persons over 12 years of age. Visitors will have to show the document when entering indoor public entertainment venues, otherwise, they will risk getting a fine. Authorities reminded that to obtain the Green Pass, it is sufficient to have received the first dose of a vaccine.



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