Liepaja considers 2021-2027 strategy

Liepaja considers 2021-2027 strategy

The municipality wants citizens to be actively involved in the planning process

In the first weeks of 2020, local authorities of the Latvian city of Liepaja were already hard at work at figuring out their approach and strategy for the next 6 years. The development of a wide-ranging urban development strategy involves taking note and understanding the challenges and risks that the municipality is facing as well as the opportunities that it must make use of.

After the first working group meeting was held on 7 January, local officials are issuing a call to the citizens and residents of Liepaja to join in on the planning and strategizing. Authorities believe that citizen involvement is of paramount importance to the future of the city and that developing a strategy without their input would amount to nothing.

Ensuring participation in an orderly manner

In order to streamline and organize the strategizing process better, the local government of Liepaja has set up a total of 12 thematic working groups responsible for the various aspects of urban development. They include education, culture, health, youth policy, economics, security and others and are headed by experts and local politicians involved in the work of the respective departments.

Citizens can ask questions and submit proposals in various different ways. First off, the city will be organizing several face-to-face meetings between locals and their representatives. Residents will be able to take part in wide-ranging conversations on the future of their city and propose their own solutions.

Furthermore, one can submit ideas and ask questions online at the municipality’s email address or in writing at the Liepaja Visitors' Reception Center.

Citizens will also be able to meet with the development specialists every week in order to have a constructive conversation with them on how the city will look like in the future.

The development programme for the 2021-2027 period is vital for the future of the city. Through it, Liepaja will have a structured approach to its problems and will be able to work on solutions and reach its end-of-decade goals. Not only that, but it will also serve as a blueprint for the annual plans that are prepared by the municipal administration – a guiding light for future local politicians that will give them a clear objective to strive towards.  

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