Ljubljana calls for applicants for its 2020 scholarship programme

Ljubljana calls for applicants for its 2020 scholarship programme

The city makes good on a tradition that has been in place since 1998

Keeping up with a decades-old tradition, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana has announced that it has opened the application process for the city’s scholarship programme for the 2020/2021 academic and school year.

The contest has been held on a yearly basis ever since 1998 and it aims to reward and support those who excel in their skills, abilities and creativity and to provide them with better opportunities to further advance their studies and academic careers.

Helping the best excel at what they do

This year, the city of Ljubljana has some 90 scholarships on offer split in groups depending on education level. They are divided as follows:

  • 16 scholarships for students
  • 35 scholarships for undergraduate and uniform master's students in Slovenia
  • 26 scholarships for postgraduate students (except for a uniform master's degree) in Slovenia
  • 4 scholarships for undergraduate studies abroad
  • 9 scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad

To be eligible to apply, one must be a part of one of these aforementioned programmed – for example, only students that have already completed their first years in undergraduate or master’s studies will be allowed to take part in the competition.

Applications can officially be submitted starting 27 July 2020. The deadline is 4 September for high school students and 5 October for students in higher education establishments. The registration process can be completed entirely online, with all necessary information available on the City of Ljubljana’s website.

Since the programme’s first iteration in 1998, local authorities in Ljubljana have awarded a grand total of 1549 scholarships, worth some 8.2 million euros. Of these, 311 scholarships were intended for secondary education, 695 scholarships for undergraduate and 280 scholarships for postgraduate studies in Slovenia, and 86 scholarships for undergraduate and 177 scholarships for postgraduate studies at universities abroad, according to the municipal press release.



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