Ljubljana showcases cycling accomplishments

Ljubljana showcases cycling accomplishments

The Slovenian capital presents 10 reasons why it considers itself a cycling friendly city

Cities across Europe have been hard at work transforming their urban landscapes in order to better accommodate cyclers and bike enthusiasts. Ljubljana has been no different and it is eager to present 10 reasons why it considers itself to be a cycling-friendly city.

Increasing use of bicycles

According to local authorities, in 2013, 11.1% of journeys in the city were made using bicycles. Now, they estimate that that number has risen to around 16%. The government credits the increase not only to the many infrastructural improvements made throughout the years but also to the incredible popularity of the local bike-sharing service BicikeLJ.

Creation of cycling lanes

The Slovenian capital prides itself in having over 300 km of cycling routes – some one-way streets also allow for travel by bike.


Many roads across the city are getting renovated and are becoming bike-friendly – among the completed projects are construction efforts on  Vodnikova Road, Prešernova and Litija Road

The success of BicikeLJ

According to the figures of Ljubljana authorities, the local bikesharing service boasted a total of 196,399 registered users as of 31 December 2019. Over the course of the year, 1,138,738 bikes were rented and borrowed. Every bike provided by the bike-sharing service is used an average of 8 times per day.

Expansion of BicikeLJ

The local government of Ljubljana is very keen on expanding the local bike-sharing service. Currently there are 610 bikes on offer at 61 stations, but the city council wants those numbers to increase.

Creating new cycling parks

Previously run-down areas of the capital have been transformed into cycling parks thanks to the efforts of authorities, eager to promote cycling in the city.

Creating cycling-themed trails

Cyclers will find that Ljubljana is connected by 4 cycling trails, allowing them to explore the best that the city has to offer – all while driving their bikes.

Ranked among the best

Ljubljana has been successfully keeping its position among the top 20 most cycling-friendly cities in the world – in 2015 it was ranked 13th, in 2017 – 8th and in 2019 – 14th.

Success as part of European Mobility Week

During the 2019 edition of the European Mobility Week, Ljubljana managed to successfully implement all of its planned actions, activities and events – the most popular among them was the free bike service for citizens

Velo-city 2020

Starting June 2 2020, Ljubljana will be the host of the Velo-City Conference – the annual meeting of the European Cycling Federation – it represents the largest meeting of its kind and concerns all aspects of cycling – safety, innovation, infrastructure development and others.

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