Luxembourg Film Fest returns with Virtual Reality

Luxembourg Film Fest returns with Virtual Reality

This march, both film and tech addicts in Luxembourg have reasons to celebrate

A long-awaited event will soon please film enthusiast in Luxembourg. Тhe Luxembourg City Film Festival returns for a jubilee edition between 5th and 15th March. What is more, it comes with a virtual reality pavilion that promises a unique programme of at least 12 immersive and innovative movie experiences.

Lux Film Fest will celebrate its 10th edition this year and is expecting a record-breaking attendance of over 30 000 visitors, based on last year’s figures. It is one of the leading cinema events in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The country’s official film festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Luxembourg, boasts growing popularity over the years.

The 11 festival days will be full of films, workshops and other special events on cinematography topics, including a school programme, in and outside of the city’s cinemas.

VR and AI at the Luxembourg film festival

Following its spectacular success in the last two years, the virtual reality pavilion will return. This time it will move to a no less impressive location – the Neumünster Abbey at 28 Rue Münster.

Ground-breaking VR and innovative works will be accessible to visitors – from national and international film productions to stunning XR- and AI-based installations. Last but not least, the entrance is free without the need for preliminary booking.

The full programme of the Virtual Reality Pavilion at LuxFilmFest 2020 can be found here.

And for those who work professionally in the field of virtual reality, there will be a special event - VR Day. On the 6th March, it will bring together international experts for case studies and conversations about the cutting-edge developments but also – the challenges facing XR and immersive media professionals today.

Finally, there will also be a competitive element as a jury will award a prize for the best film or experience based on VR among the creators present at the festival.