Milanese police will know if cars have valid documents thanks to smart camera

Milanese police will know if cars have valid documents thanks to smart camera

The device is known as ‘eagle eye’ in Italy

Milanese authorities announced that on 30 August local traffic police patrol cars have been equipped with special ‘eagle eye’ cameras, which can detect whether a particular has its documentation in order. The smart camera detector is connected to the database of the Civil Motorized Vehicles Registry, allowing it to immediately access information on the status of the vehicle inspected.

The pilot project will run until the end of the year

The city informed that three patrol cars will be mounted with such cameras that have the ability to scan the vehicles and report information to the officers. The camera works by capturing the license place of a car and cross-checking its status with the database in the Civil Registry.

Once the lack of insurance or its expiry has been ascertained the moving agents will stop the vehicle, check the driver’s documents and proceed with applying the respective measures.

The lack of insurance provides for the administrative seizure of the vehicle (with law sanctions starting from 866 euros), while the lack of annual inspection will cause the suspension of the vehicle from circulation until the latter is carried out (with an additional administrative sanction starting from 176 euros).

The fines applied for entering low-emissions Zone B without having the permit for it range between 163 and 658 euros.

Between 2020 and 2021, approximately 4 thousand infringements relating to the insurance obligation were detected and 2,400 more with regards to skipped annual safety inspections.

The authorities have stated that the project will be in place until the end of the year, however, there was no additional information as to what will happen after that.



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