What is Fondation du Patrimoine

What is Fondation du Patrimoine

Find more about the organization dedicated to saving the French heritage, including Notre Dame de Paris

Fondation du Patrimoine is the organization in charge with the ongoing collection of donations for the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. Millions of euros have already been donated by people and organizations from around the world for the restoration of the world-renowned monument, that suffered severe damages during major blaze last week.

But what is the origin of the Heritage Foundation? As mentioned on their webpage they work to safeguard and promote French heritage no matter how big or small. Through public assignment and corporate sponsorship, they support individuals, communities and associations in restoration projects. All local authorities are welcome to join the efforts of the private network with concrete suggestions on how to preserve the heritage throughout the country.

What is covered? Well beyond the monuments classified as national heritage and protected by law. The organization supports also rural, religious and industrial heritage with a well-developed network of volunteers and local actors from the public and private sectors. What is more, they are the only private organism entitled by the Ministry of Economy and Finances to label a restoration operation, they collect donations and mobilize business patrons to get involved in heritage preservation or restoration.

Established in 1996, the organization has supported more than 2500 projects (by 2017) with donations exceeding EUR 31.5 million. There are various ways for you to get involved and contribute to the cause. Chose one of many projects that are currently open for donations, become a volunteer or a patron yourself.