Responsible consumption has two (or more) sides

Responsible consumption has two (or more) sides

That is the message of an online lecture aimed at businesses in Famalicão

The municipal website of the Portuguese city of Famalicão informed, at the end of last week, about an upcoming online lecture, titled ‘Ecological Commerce’, which is targeted at the small private sector entrepreneurs. The aim is to raise better awareness around the precepts of responsible consumption and circular economy and how everyone involved in the production-distribution-consumption chain can do their part to make them a reality and not just a wishful thinking.

The online tutorial will happen on 21 February at 10 am through the Zoom platform. It is planned as a companion piece to the “Commerce: Tradition and Modernity” exhibition taking place at Casa do Território, in Devesa de Famalicão Park.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – the Three R’s of Sustainability

The need for such a seminar, which will feature panel speakers from small businesses, arose from the growing perception that residents are becoming more environmentally conscious and their demands in terms of consumption are changing accordingly. The understanding here is those small and retail businesses, akin to the traditional mom-and-pop store have always been more attuned to the needs of their clients and as such, they can do their important part in pushing forward the new sustainability principles and lifestyles.

If the tastes are shifting from linear to a more circular consumption then small entrepreneurs can and must respond in the right way to offer that and the online lecture is there to show them useful examples and strategies, such as the correct disposal of the waste produced in the process of operations, or even how to accumulate less waste.

Two local businesses, Cindinha Bulkstore (a grocery store that seeks to return the old way of selling things by avoiding pre-packaged products) and Two Hair Lovers salon, will be showcased as examples.

Those who would like to participate in the online session are invited to sign up at or send an email to

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