Sighisoara embarks on journey to improve local administration

Sighisoara embarks on journey to improve local administration

The town hall's latest project is supported by EU funds and will ultimately simplify and integrate many services provided by authorities

Earlier last week, local authorities in the Romanian city of Sighisoara kickstarted their latest project meant to bolster their performance, namely the “Extended administrative simplification and integrated strategic planning for the citizens of Sighisoara" initiative.

The general objective of the project aims to increase the administrative capacity of Sighisoara Municipality by substantiating the decision-making process, strategic planning and implementation of measures to simplify administrative procedures for the benefit of citizens.

Making sure that the local government remains close to citizens

Through the proposed project, the Municipality of Sighișoara wants to make integrated and complementary investments in terms of increasing the administrative capacity of the institution both through strategic and budgetary planning and simplifying administrative procedures by digitizing public services provided to citizens based on the shared competences of the institution, whose final beneficiary will ultimately be the citizens.

Also, following the implementation of the activities proposed by the project, Sighisoara Municipality wants to become smarter and turn into a public administration with good e-government practices.

The main benefits of implementing the project, both at the level of the citizen and the local public authority include:

  • better strategic planning which is the basis of all future investments in priority areas: health, social assistance, infrastructure (environment and transport), environment, human capital and projects in the economic and administrative sectors for the period 2021-2027
  • administrative simplification and reduction of bureaucracy for citizens by eliminating or simplifying bureaucratic procedures
  • improving access to information - including intra- and inter-institutional
  • reducing resource consumption and thus public spending
  • increasing productivity of the institution
  • in the long run medium and long term, improving digital performance and implementing the principle of good governance at the local level.

By making communication with local authorities easier and by simplifying the city’s government’s operations, Sighisoara’s officials are certainly acting in the interest of their constituents – something that will surely be taken note of upon the project’s ultimate completion.



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