Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg raise awareness for proper e-scooter conduct

Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg raise awareness for proper e-scooter conduct

The #rideitright campaign aims to remind locals and visitors of the rules for using e-scooters and to prevent the appearance of many problems commonly associated with the vehicles

E-scooters have grown into a headache for many cities across Europe. The problems associated with the vehicles has led not only to changes in urban mobility plans but to outright bans of their use as they increasingly fill the streets of major metropolises.

In the German city of Stuttgart, locals have been living with e-scooters for just about a year and local authorities have ensured the safe conditions for their use. Yet not all citizens are eager to respect these rules which in turn has led to issues as well as backlash against the vehicles. In order for this efficient cohabitation to continue without too many problems, updates, upgrades and reminders of policies are required.

#rideitright – a Baden-Württemberg campaign

In order to remedy some problems related to the dissemination of information about the proper use of e-scooters, the Interior Ministry of the Baden-Württemberg region has unveiled it #rideitright campaign, meant to highlight the proper ways to conduct oneself when riding the vehicles.

Dorothea Koller, Head of the Public Order Office of Stuttgart stated that “It is important that e-scooter users adhere to the traffic rules. This also includes parking the vehicles correctly. The same requirements apply here as for bicycles: E-scooters have no place in green areas, nor are they allowed to hinder other road users - that is, when parking on sidewalks, consideration must be given to people with restricted mobility or blind people."

#rideitright points users to a dedicated page depicting all the rules one should obey while riding e-scooters, including:

  • Driving is only allowed on your own.
  • Users must be at least 14 years old.
  • E-scooters have to travel on bike paths or on the street. Driving on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones is prohibited.
  • E-scooters must not hinder other road users when parking, block paths or block escape routes
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden, as is using smartphones while driving.

By obeying these simple guidelines, e-scooter fans and aficionados can make sure that life and mobility and the city remain smooth and without issues.



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