Through TheMayor.EU Câmpulung Moldovenesc can become a point of attraction for tourists and investors

Through TheMayor.EU Câmpulung Moldovenesc can become a point of attraction for tourists and investors

An interview with Mihăiţă Negură, Mayor of Câmpulung Moldovenesc in Romania

Mihaita Negura was born on 26 May 1960 in Frumosu, Suceava county. In July 2008 he was elected Mayor of Cmpulung Moldovenesc, and in June 2012 he was re-elected.

Mr Negura, how would you describe Cmpulung Moldovenesc briefly ? What do you want our audience to know about it?

Welcome to our little mountain town, welcome to the "Sweet Bukovina"! Whether you are arriving for a weekend or for a longer holiday, we're welcoming you with fresh air, cool forests and healthy food. In these landscapes full of history, peasant houses, customs, traditions, costumes, museums and cultural manifestations are bringing to light the multitudes of faces of this little corner of Heaven.

You are mayor since 2008, how did you change the municipality for this period?

We have achieved great progress thanks to some important investments in education (building rehabilitation, modernization and extension to six pre-university schools) with local and government funds. By using local funds, we have completed the rehabilitation of many buildings and patrimony buildings such as the Communal Palace - built in 1863 by the high approval of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the Dragos-Vodă and Zimbru statuary complex and the "Fountain of Abundance" in the central park, the town is more beautiful than ever.

We are also very content with the amount of investments in infrastructure - procuring street asphalt amounting to over 3000 meters. We have also completed the construction of dwellings and many other works that have changed the face of the town.

And how do you dream to change it?

By continuing to invest in road infrastructure, by encouraging the investments in local tourism, environmental protection and industry. We also aim to create a proper space for local area development and to start some county, inter-county and cross-border common projects and partnerships.

Share some examples of good practice from your municipality. How do you finance them?

One of our most important initiatives is the continuous professional training of members of the local administration, financed through our municipal budget. We have also created a new Inter-Community Development Association "Moldova is developing" with a common budget, with the financial participation of every interested public and local administration.

What do you do to attract the investors and strategic projects?

Attracing foreign investors is very important to us. To achieve our goals, we have created and are implementing a coherent and objective development strategy on medium and long term. By identifying the interest areas to attract foreign investors and by further developing the local tourist and economic potential in the area we are also aiming to participate in important strategic projects.

What do you think about a unified platform for all European municipalities and its main objective of better informing European citizens about what is happening in the European Union? How can this portal be useful for Cmpulung Moldovenesc?

By creating and developing this municipalities platform and providing better information for European citizens, people gainmore accurate knowledge of the realities and the potential of each city or town. Through this portal Cmpulung Moldovenesc can become a point of maximum attraction for the tourists and why not even to potential investors.

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