Tourist routes and QR-codes tell about the history of Ruse

Tourist routes and QR-codes tell about the history of Ruse

A treasure hunt will take place today on the newly-unveiled tourist route

Tourist routes and QR-codes tell the history of Ruse, announced the municipal administration of the Danubian town. The first tourist route will be inaugurated today 20 June, taking on the form of a game event - namely a treasure hunt, between 16.00 and 18.00, on Svoboda Square in the city center of Ruse.

Anyone who wants to learn a little more about the history of iconic buildings and prominent Ruse personalities can join the event. The most curious participants will receive prizes.

An innovative project promoting the local cultural heritage

The project is an initiative of the "Gradored" association and the "Dream" club. It is funded by the "Knowledge and Growth" program of the municipal foundation "Ruse - a city of the free spirit".

The organizers inform that more routes are currently being prepared and will be unveiled by the end of the month. Their inauguration will be an occasion for families to get to know their hometown together and will be an innovative tool for teachers, allowing them to use the local heritage in a variety of lessons.

The local government informs that Ruse is a city with 270 single and ensemble architectural monuments of culture of local and national importance. This richness of the architectural masterpieces makes the cultural heritage difficult to notice for the locals and the guests of the city.

Within the span of a year, signs with unique QR-codes of 30 selected buildings were placed in Ruse. Each code leads to brief information about the building - date of construction, creator, first owners and purpose.

The texts are available in 5 languages ​​- Bulgarian, English, German, Russian and Romanian, which corresponds to the profile of the main tourist flows in Ruse. Some of the translations of the materials were made by students from the English high school in Ruse.

The implementation of the project allows access to interesting information via a mobile device and code scanning, which is the basis for promoting cultural heritage. The sites, that are a part of the project have been specially selected to present the diverse life of Ruse at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.




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