Veneto councilor calls for shortening supply chains as part of local recovery in Italy

Veneto councilor calls for shortening supply chains as part of local recovery in Italy

Elena Donazzan wants to see the image of the ‘Made in Italy’ label shine brighter

Elena Donazzan, Veneto Regional Councilor for Labour, spoke in connection with the conference "Short supply chains, reshoring and proposals for change according to the PNRR - the vision for the Belluno area", held on 16 November. The event was promoted by the Labour Chamber of Belluno and the Institute of Economic and Social Research (IRES) Veneto. 

Councilor Donazzan, who is part of the conservative regional government, offered some criticism and suggestions on the application of the PNRR - Italy’s national recovery plan, also known as “Italy tomorrow”, and valued at 191.5 billion euros.

'Neo-made in Italy'

Her words echoed nostalgia for the entrepreneurial and industrial past of the province, located in the northeast of Italy, arguing that the decline in the economic vibrancy was due to the region and the country failing to position itself well in the process of globalization.

It is appropriate to talk about it now (although) perhaps it is already too late compared to the fact that 20 years ago we were leaders in a series of productions: from eyewear to household appliances and the cold chain. This is why it is unacceptable and criminal to allow, for example, that ACC, the last company in Italy producing compressors, which is 50 minutes away from the largest production plant for refrigerators in southern Europe, to shut down," declared Councilor Donazzan.

She then proposed: “A pact must be built within the PNRR, which has specific measures for supply chain policies and, for the strengthening of the industry supply chain. The ‘Made in Italy’ label must be defended. We have to do it if we don't want to be the new metal sharecroppers.”  

To illustrate her vision of shorter supply chains and their benefits for the Belluno economy, she recalled that there is a new expression in the country – ‘Neo-made in Italy’- explaining the meaning behind it.

It means a production that is totally made in Italy, and the inventor (of the phrase) is an eyewear entrepreneur from the Belluno area, Nicola Del Din. All this demonstrates that in the province of Belluno there is a concentration of sectors that were strategically relevant 20 years ago, and today they still are and are increasingly looking to the future".



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