Time travel with Virtual Reality in Luxembourg

Time travel with Virtual Reality in Luxembourg

Discover the guided VR tour available in Luxembourg City

In 2017 the City of Luxembourg introduced the system VR Timetravel by the Urban Timetravel Company and the Service of Communication and IT of the municipality in collaboration of the City Museums and the bus service. After the 6-month test phase, the project will enter the evaluation phase after which possible extension beyond the Pfaffenthal neighbourhood will be decided, hence since December the 2nd every Sunday there will be guided tours for the public and weekly tours for the business.

A professional tour guide will take tourists by foot from the city centre to Muerbelsmillen – old mustard fabric and will help them discover various sites and buildings with the help of augmented reality elements showing old pictures, explanations and other effects.

In Pfaffenthal the visitors will embark on a 2km bus travel with the Timetravel bus, where they will be sent back to the 19th century with 3D glasses. In the upper part of the city the journey will end, allowing enjoying the picturesque landscape.

Tours will be held every Sunday between 13h30 and 14h30 for maximum of 5 people and a cost of 15 euro per adult and 10 per adolescent beyond the age of 8.

The new initiative is a part of a larger strategy of the City of Luxembourg to achieve smarter way of living and governing, through interactive participation of citizens and their constant information.

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