Vulnerable people in Deva receive electronic vouchers for hot meals

Vulnerable people in Deva receive electronic vouchers for hot meals

This new scheme will help people in need across Romania

Starting 11 November, more than 300 people in the Romanian city of Deva will receive social vouchers (cards) for hot meals, informs the mayor Nicolae-Florin Oancea. The target group of the support includes several categories of vulnerable people.

Thanks to the financial support of the EU

The program is part of a new series of Romanian Government grants. The normative act for them provides for the measures to support the most disadvantaged categories of people who benefit from hot meals based on social vouchers, granted from non-reimbursable external funds, as well as the measures for their distribution by approving the National Support Scheme for the elderly and homeless.

The Operational Program Helping the Disadvantaged 2014-2020 funded by the European Aid Fund for the Most Deprived establishes the main categories of beneficiaries. The final recipients are:

  • persons who have reached 75 or over this age, who have a pension at the level of the social allowance (800 lei/164 euros)
  • homeless persons/families, including evicted persons/families and families with children who do not have a permanent home, especially single parents.

The social vouchers on electronic cards for hot meals can be found at the headquarters of the Social Service "Social Canteen" located on Titu Maiorescu Street №24 in Deva municipality, distributed according to the following schedule:

  • Monday - Thursday, from 8:00 to 14:00
  • Friday - from 8:00 to 12:00

Based on their identity card, each beneficiary will receive in a sealed envelope a voucher, a list of places where hot meals are served and a user guide. The value of the social voucher is 180 lei / month. This amount is charged wired to the beneficiary's card. 



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