Wind-powered shared cars offer more opportunities for emission-free travel in Helsinki

Wind-powered shared cars offer more opportunities for emission-free travel in Helsinki

The service has been substantially expanded in recent months

In Helsinki, you can now move from one place to another with a wind-powered shared car. The charging network for electric cars grew last year by about a hundred new charging points. Now, Helen, one of Finland’s largest energy companies, and the Danish GreenMobility together enable ecological car-sharing with electric cars that are charged with Helen’s wind power.

Going even further with climate-friendly policies

“Helsinki is a pioneer city for electric cars, with the largest charging network in Finland. We have been actively developing the capital's electronic traffic for more than 10 years, and we also offer charging solutions nationwide,” says Sari Mannonen, Director of Solutions at Helen.

Danish GreenMobility's fleet consists of 100% electric cars that operate on a per-minute and per-hour basis. The first cars on the streets of Helsinki were seen at the end of last year.

“GreenMobility was born to meet the growing need of cities for sustainable car sharing. Our solution enables the use of an emission-free car around the clock without the hassle and cost of owning a car,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO of GreenMobility.

Public transport cars mainly come to the Helsinki city centre. There are more than 200 Helen electric car charging points in the same area.

Sales of electric cars have remained on a growth curve despite the slow year, and the next car chosen by more and more consumers is running on electricity. Renting a shared electric car, however, remains a good way to get acquainted with electric vehicles.

GreenMobility's electric cars are charged ready for use at Helen's charging points. Each car also has a Helen Charging ID card, which allows the user to recharge the car at all Helen charging points if necessary. By taking the car to charge, the user earns more driving time.

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