Tomislav Tomašević

Tomislav Tomašević was born in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 1982. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Political Science in 2010 and obtained his Master’s in the field of Environment, Society, and Development from the University of Cambridge in 2013.

Tomašević’s interest in politics was apparent from a young age when he joined the Green Action at 16. Moreover, he was the...


Milan Bandić

Mayor of Zagreb is Milan Bandić. He was born in Grude, modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1955. In 1974, he moved to Zagreb to study at the Department of Political Sciences at Zagreb University. His political career began at the municipal committee of Pešćenica, one of the municipalities in Zagreb. In 2000 he was elected mayor of the capital. His Zagreb Development Program is called "Vision of Zagreb for the 21st century". One of the key points in it is the improvement...