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Maribor to host one of the EU’s eight supercomputers

The supercomputers have been spread out around European countries in order to help boost research

  • mardi 18 juin 2019 19h30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Maribor has begun setting up the perfect location to host one of the EU’s brand-new supercomputers. The Slovenian government is extremely proud of being one of the 8 locations that have been selected for this purpose. Jernej Pikalo, Minister of Education, Science and Sport is quoted as saying "If this is not a big achievement for Slovenia, then I wonder what it is".

According to the Ministry, the supercomputers will serve a vast array of functions – but most of them will be for economic purposes. One of the main goals is for the technology to assist and boost research in the fields of medicine, advanced materials and the fight against climate change. Other specific uses for the new supercomputers, as pointed out by the head of the European Commission Representation in Slovenia, Zoran Stančič, include assistance for the automotive industry, which thanks to the access to such a device will be able to develop their prototypes much faster. The supercomputers will also play a crucial role in not only Slovenia’s but also Europe’s security and defense. Through them, the EU will be able to fend of cyber attacks, develop more complex encryption technologies and much more.

The other 7 countries which will host supercomputers are Bulgaria (Sofia), the Czech Republic (Ostrava) and Finland (Kajaani), Italy (Bologna), Luxembourg (Bissen), Portugal (Minho) and Spain (Barcelona).

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