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What is

This is a multi-lingual internet portal, the primary purpose of which is to promote innovative actions of the local authorities in the European Union.

Can I contribute?

If you represent a local authority (municipality, city council, etc.) belonging to the EU, you can have your city added for free.

If you have an interesting local topic, project or initiative in mind, you can share it with us. You can submit articles to see them published on the portal.

Who is the Mayor of Europe?

The mayor is a representative of a territorial government unit and head of a municipality. The European Union is composed of 27 member-states and each of them has its different system of decentralised authority, the most prominent form of which is the municipality. Each municipality has a mayor, hence formally there is no single Mayor of Europe.

However, we believe that mayors in Europe deserve to be praised and honoured for their great everyday work. Here is why we have set up the annual awards "Mayor of Europe" for the most successful mayors in several categories.