Ionut Florin Pucheanu

Mayor of Galați is Ionut Florin Pucheanu. Elected in 2016, he is serving his first term as the municipality’s 110th mayor, the youngest one in the history of Galați. Born in Galați, Mayor Pucheanu has made a promise to turn Galați into a prosperous and modern city that one can be proud of. On 27 September 2020, Ionut Florin Pucheanu was re-elected mayor of Galați. 

Pucheanu has extensive studies and work experience in law and diplomacy, public administration and economy. One of the Mayor’s signature initiatives is the urban regeneration strategy which aims to both revitalize the old city centre and improve the quality of life for residents by rehabilitating all neighbourhood infrastructure. Health and public transport have been top investment priorities for Pucheanu, together with the inclusion of the municipality’s archeological sites on the tourist circuit. Throughout his current mandate, Pucheanu has also taken the first steps to transform Galati into a smart-city, one that minimizes bureaucracy and promotes innovation.