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Sheffield unveils world first electric bin lorry

The vehicles are powered by the waste that they collect

  • mardi 10 septembre 2019 21h30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Sheffield City Council Press Office

The Sheffield City Council was proud to unveil what they claim to be the world’s first electric bin lorries. The project is a masterful example of innovation and it all started with four ordinary refuse collection vehicles which were decommissioned and headed towards the scrapyard. Instead, however, they were re-fitted and turned into these high tech state-of-the-art electric bin lorries. The upgrades were designed and implemented by a local Sheffield firm - Magtec, further solidifying the city’s image as a hub for innovation. According to the creators, the conversion of a single electric bin lorry equals the removal of around 30 diesel cars from Sheffield’s roads.

The two vehicles which operate within the city confines are revolutionary in another regard as well – they will be powered by the waste delivered to Sheffield’s Energy Recovery Facility at Bernard Road, which recycles trash and turns it into energy.

Usually waste collection vehicles are used for around 7 years, after which the cost of maintaining them start outweighing the cost of purchasing replacements. If this new approach proves efficient and worthwhile, this could open up a whole new path of sustainable waste management in cities. Over the next couple of years, the vehicles will be monitored closely to determine their effectiveness.

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