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Sofia Municipality presented its long-term development goals today

Sofia: 2050 Forum was inaugurated by Sofia's Chief Architect Zdravko Zdravkov

  • lundi 02 septembre 2019 21h30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium sofia

Today, the team of the "Vision for Sofia" initiative presented the long-term goals for the development of Sofia Municipality during Sofia: 2050 Forum. The systematised goals presented to the general public are based on a solid amount of information processed in advance. A number of analyses and surveys have been carried out since 2017. 700 expert meetings with the participation of over 10,000 people were organised, where citizens' and stakeholders' feedback was collected. The event was inaugurated by Sofia's Chief Architect Zdravko Zdravkov.

Sofia Municipality presented its long-term development goals today

The objectives of Sofia's vision are in the areas of "Urban", "Economy", "Environment", "Transport", "Identity and Culture", "People", "Management". The final strategic document "Vision for Sofia" will be proposed for adoption in the new term of the Sofia City Council after October 2019.

Vision for Sofia is an initiative of the Sofia Municipality aiming to create a shared and long-term strategy for the development of the city and its suburban territories. The strategy aims to bring together as a supreme strategic document all strategies of the Sofia Municipality and to propose goals, measures and indicators for the long-term development of the city and the municipality with the horizon of 2050.

The Vision methodology has several basic principles - to collect all existing data for the state of the environment, research and analysis, and an informed dialogue on the future of Sofia with the participation of as many citizens and stakeholders as possible.

Find out more about the initiative and the event here

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