Klara Geywitz, Federal Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Building presented the 2.12 million grant to city officials, Source: City of Wittenberge

19-century German train station will be restored to its former glory

19-century German train station will be restored to its former glory

The facility could make the town of Wittenberge a midpoint hub between Hamburg and Berlin

Yesterday, authorities in the German city of Wittenberge announced the renovation of the old train station. The station was originally built in 1846, but fell into disrepair over the years, with faded letters, broken windows and chipped plaster.

The renovation project will cost around 18 million euros and is supported by the German Federal Government. Set to finish in 2025, the renovated and restored station is supposed to feature as a midpoint between two of Germany’s most important cities – Hamburg and Berlin. Local authorities hope to attract new businesses which can use the building and the rail system to grow.

Future plans

The city believes that the station will become the central point of contact for all visitors. This is why they plan to populate the premises with promising businesses. They include an educational company, the Prignitz job centre and the technology and trade centre are to move in with start-up advice and a co-working space.

Mayor Oliver Hermann was quoted in a press statement that Wittenberge is between Hamburg and Berlin, and it can become the central meeting point for work between the two, as long as the city can provide adequate facilities.

The heart of the renovated station with a total of 4,000 square meters of floor space, will be the historic reception hall. It is to be expanded into a modern service point - with ticket sales for regional and long-distance transport, with a waiting area, a bakery, restaurants and a mobility centre.

The building will also take a crack at sustainable energy, with planned roof solar panels and a heat pump. However, planners will have to balance the historic architectural features with any new installation, as the roof includes a skylight, overlooking the central hall.



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