Tychy, Poland - aerial view, Source: City of Tychy

960 renewable energy installations will improve air quality in Tychy

960 renewable energy installations will improve air quality in Tychy

The Polish city is set to make a leap into a more sustainable living

A new project aims to considerably improve the air quality in the Polish city of Tychy and to reduce energy and heating costs. It previews the installation of 960 renewable energy installations, such as solar collectors, air heat pumps, biomass boilers and photovoltaic installations.

Operative programmes tackle air pollution in Poland

At a session held last week, the city council of Tychy approved the city’s contribution for the implementation of the project, worth over PLN 23 million (5.15 million euros). Nearly 90% of this amount is co-financed from the Silesian Voivodeship Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, and the remaining 10% will be provided by the city.

Initially, the city was supposed to co-finance as much as 28% of the project costs, when it was approved in February. However, due to the reduced municipal budgets, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the administration was granted an increase in subsidies, explain the authorities.

The city is now waiting for a signature on the agreement by the Marshal’s office and is preparing to launch a tender procedure for the selection of an operator in charge with the coordination of the implementation of the project on behalf of the municipality.

In total, as part of the program, 960 installations will be mounted, including 97 solar collectors, 199 air heat pumps, 647 photovoltaic installations and 17 biomass boilers. They will go to 684 locations. The work will last 1,5 years and will supposedly conclude by the end of 2021.

As a result of the programme, the authorities expect an improvement in the quality of air in Tychy and a reduction in the costs of energy and heating for the participating households. Previous editions of the programme have proven very popular among the residents, they conclude.



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