The bicycle ferry services will be offered during the summer seasons of 2022 and 2023

A bicycle ferry to link Denmark and Germany

A bicycle ferry to link Denmark and Germany

It will connect Egernsund and Langballigau

On 8 April, the Danish Municipality of Sønderborg reported that the Committee for Business and Green Growth has now approved a 2-year project for a bicycle ferry connection between Denmark and Germany. More specifically, tourists will soon be able to benefit from a ferry service departing daily from Egernsund in Sønderborg, Denmark and travelling to Langballigau, Germany. 

Cykelfærgens Venner, the organisation behind the project, will begin to offer the ferry services over the coming months, when the famous Tour de France race will pass through Sønderborg on 3 July. Furthermore, the services will be available for the summer seasons of both 2022 and 2023.

Creating new opportunities for tourists

According to a press release, the bicycle ferry connection will strengthen tourism in the Danish municipality by creating new opportunities for travellers who enjoy cycling or hiking. What is more, it will also foster cooperation between public and private actors in Denmark and Germany. 

Expanding on the benefits of establishing the ferry connection, the Chairman of the Committee for Business and Green Growth, Kjeld Stærk, shared:

“We would, of course, like to support the initiative from Cykelfærgens Venner. It is a super good project that adds another business and tourism asset to our municipality. Cycling is an important element in the green transition. At the same time, there are many potentials in both the bicycle ferry, as well as the cooperation between public and private actors on both sides of the borders. It must be developed over the coming years.” 

Deputy Chairman of the committee, Bjørn Allerelli Andersen, also commented on the newly established link, explaining that it will act as a bridge between the two countries, facilitating travel for tourists.

The municipality has reportedly set aside DKK 100,000 (over EUR 13,000) for the implementation of this 2-year project. 



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